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By early 2017, the crypto currency had gained global popularity, it would seem that there is no longer a person who would not have heard of them. But the crypto currency remained for the person than something mysterious and incomprehensible, this led to the fact that people began to develop their websites and services that will be useful for people who are going to invest in coins, for those who are engaged in market analysis and many others.
In this article I want to provide you with the best services in my opinion about crypto-currencies.

  1. – Beautiful service with good UX, where you can compare upcoming and current ICOs and get info about their base, value, rate and team. Everyone will find something for themselves. The original idea allows you to find on the site not only a lot of information about crypto-currencies but also subscribe for email announcements about ICO market.
  2. – Do you want to know the history of each crypto currency? Then this service is all you need, nice design and lots of information with crypto-currency reports and their development from the very first days of appearance.
  3. – The service can be called a huge exchange, where you can see in real time the value of the currency, the remaining number of coins and much more. A big advantage of the service will be the availability of the API.
  4. – What is the uniqueness of this service? Here you will find many tools that will be useful in acquaintance with such currencies as ether and bitcoin. With the help of a special calculator you will have an opportunity to find out how much you will earn on bitcoin when mining for several years in advance.
  5. – On this site you will find all the news related to the subject of crypto-currencies, as well as on projects that will be launched and that experts are talking about them.
  6. – It’s worth saying that the site looks very simple, but with this it carries a lot of useful information. On this site you will find all kinds of coins. The huge functionality of the site for sorting currencies by their differences, here you will see 1180 existing crypto-currencies, as well as their name, symbol, market capitalization, the cost of one coin in different currencies and the currency turnover of the system.
  7. – The service has a unpretentious design. The service will be useful for traders, it will be pleasant that the service can change the language layout of the site, which contains 15 different languages. I have not seen such sites on which there would be a chat, but here we saw it for which the developers have a huge plus, you can always chat with other traders and exchange ideas. What else interesting is waiting for you on this site? The exchange rate and the value of precious metals, various news from the world of economics, an economic calendar, many scripts and various graphs.
  8. – Service with a lot of graphs, useful information about the use of crypto-currencies and various statistics. The site has the opportunity to play gambling on crypto-currencies.
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