Bitcoin. This is the very first and most popular crypto currency at the moment. It was developed in 2009 and despite its long existence, it is very popular and every day it gets better. Programmers are developing to improve it, using blocking technology. It is thanks to bitcoin that the market of crypto currency has...
The first ICO in history was the placement of tokens for the Mastercoin project in 2013, which raised $ 5 million. By July 2017, according to the data of the portal over 800 crypto-currencies are in circulation. To this number you need to add those that are already placed, but have not yet reached...
In this article we will tell you about the coins that are most profitable to mine in 2017. And in what crypto currency will be most profitable to invest. Our list will be based on currencies that showed good growth in price and reliability. At the time of writing this article, more than 2500 different...
10. MONETHA The project was developed quite recently, but it attracted the attention of many people. The purpose of this currency was to provide commercials, which used the blockade of the air. According to some information, it is known that people believe in the success of this project and its future development. 9. AETERNITY By...
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