AdHiwe has the prospect of becoming the first AI Infl sponsored marketing platform with the Blockchain technology solution. It is understood that the platform fully automates all the steps of interaction with users. This will save time and money for advertisers. The goal of the project is that brands will be able to place video ads on an unlimited number of channels and unlimited time.

About AdHive:

AdHive will be the first AI-controlled Infl uencer Marketing platform with Blockchain technological solutions. The AdHive platform fully automates all steps of interaction with infl uencers in order to save a huge amount of time and eff ort for advertisers. The platform will offer brands the opportunity to place a native video ad on an unlimited number of infl uencer channels without having to worry about proper execution.

Native video advertising will become easy to run, and new opportunities for blog monetization will power community development and increase audience and advertising capacity. Token Sale consists of two phases: Token Sale Phase #1: February 7, 2018 – March 7, 2018 Target: 121,500,000 ADH (about $12 millions)* Soft cap: 22,000,000 ADH (about $2 millions)* Token exchange rate: from 1 ETH = 4400 ADH** (10% bonus) to 1 ETH = 4000 ADH** (0% bonus) * All figures will be finalized following the forecasting results on the Wings platform and be announced at least 5 days before the Token Sale Phase #1 begins **Due to the high level of volatility of ETH, the official conversion rate for the Presale and Token Sale Phase #1 will be announced a 24 hours before the start Whitelisting: TBD

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