A unique service that allows you to buy and exchange currency easily and simply. To do this, you need to search and pay. Payment can be made in your own currency, while not spending cash. The main advantages are also the ability to choose geolocation and anonymous correspondence with a representative.

About Dether:

Dether offers the unique opportunity to have access to ether within minutes by using your phone and spending cash. Discover ether sellers, called tellers, near you on the Dether map, chat with them anonymously and buy ether safely, using your national currency.With Dether, any ether owner can become a teller and have an accessible way to make money. Ether sellers can become mobile ATMs by being on the Dether map and selling ether for fiat currency anywhere in the world at any time.

The Dether map will give users the opportunity to discover all of the places nearby where ether is accepted.Dether users are able to discover shops near them that: accept ether as a means of payment are willing to buy or sell ether for cash With Dether, we’re building a fully decentralized mobile app that enables anyone who has a smartphone to buy and sell ether for cash and spend it at physical stores nearby. It’s a peer-to-peer and decentralized model.

As you can see in our white paper (, we’re building a freemium model where as a seller and physical shop, you can use Dether without a token (but you need to put ether in escrow). However, you’ll be limited in terms of features, visibility and you won’t be able to increase your volumes as it’s limited per day per user.By buying DTH Tokens and stake it in Dether (as a seller and physical shops), you’ll be more visible to buyers and will trade more.

It’s very similar to Google’s search engine model.Why don’t we just take a fee for us? Our goal is to have a fully decentralized app, so if we take a fee for us, the business model is centralized and it defeats the whole purpose. The buyback program enables every token holder to benefit from Dether’s success worldwide.

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