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DRIVR Network

The project, which united a colossal experience of technology blochkchayn. It is an invention that proves how completely the system can be incorruptible and not literally sabotaged or shut down by any entity that was once introduced into the game.

About DRIVR Network:

DRIVR is a new generation blockchain based startup that seeks to shake things up and redefine from the bottom up, the way we view and experience the innovative Ridesharing service sector of modern life. DRIVR is an Ethereum powered blockchain that leverages on the incorruptibility of the blockchain technology in order to provide its users with a seamless, highly efficient, fast, hassle-free and very economical Rideshare experience the like of which they have never experienced before. DRIVR is a platform that doesn’t only take the passenger’s interest alone, but also take care of the needs of its drivers, whom it treats fairly and give the majority of their earning in a open, accountable and highly transparent manner that is guaranteed by the decentralization of the blockchain technology.

A Global Rideshare ExperienceThe blockchain technology is the new human invention that is both proven to be completely incorruptible and can literally not be sabotaged or shut down by any entity once put into play. It is the technology that knows no restriction and as such from the very get go, DRIVR aims to roll out a truly global service that can be accessed and used by any individual wherever they might be in the world. Unlike the present services where only the major cities of the world are covered, drivers wherever they might be located and passengers as well will also now have access to a vital service that was previously cut-off from them by using the DRIVR platform.

The Best Deal Yet For EveryoneDRIVR doesn’t only make Ridesharing a truly global phenomenon it also seeks to redefine the way it is run by giving everyone involved the best possible deal. Unlike in the present system where the company running the service like Uber takes the lion share of the earnings of the hard work of its drivers, DRIVR is one that will be run based on a foundation of fairness. Drivers for example will be able to set their own rates which gives them a greater a control over their earning, this will still be lower for their passengers as the DRIVR platform only takes a minute percentage from the driver’s pay which is a win-win situation for everyone involved. For drivers also, there is no longer need for them to wait out the week in order to get paid as they are able to receive their payments instantly giving them an extra motivation to work harder to earn even more.

A Safe Ride
DRIVR is a forward thinking platform that has the safety of all in mind. Using the DRIVR service for a passenger comes with a great emphasis on their safety and security as the platform offers them the use of an emergency panic button which sends out an SOS to their selected family members and the authorities concerned instantly. With this feature coupled with the real-time tracking of both the driver and their passenger’s location during the ride, everyone is ensured maximum security devoid of any malicious intent or foul play. DRIVR also gives female passengers an added option of choosing a female driver instead of a male one, should they choose to. DRIVR is all about options and it does its best to give its users the maximum number of options to allay their fears and deliver a stellar service in the process.

A Look To The FutureDRIVR s a platform with its eyes firmly set on the future and is focused on providing its users with services that are not yet even available by heavily investing in its own fleet of self-driving cars that the passenger can use with total confidence. Using the cutting edge AI empowered systems, DRIVR hopes that Ridesharing of the very near future will come with zero concerns over safety that riddles the present industry. With the most intuitive mobile friendly interface, DRIVR hands over control of their Rideshare experience to the passenger in what is the perfect combination of the blockchain technology, Artificial Intelligence, and the drive to deliver the most pleasant and pocket friendly Rideshare experience possible to their users. Rideshare is often tagged as a disruptor phenomenon, well now with the DRIVR platform, the disruptor is just about to be disrupted itself.

BonusesPre-ICO 10% and Main ICO 5%.

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