Movement App


Movement App

Movement App is a unique application that allows you to get a reward for each tier or distance. The user receives RUN coins for walking, running, jogging in the street or using a treadmill. You can spend the rewards in the store or exchange money for another.

About Movement App:

Movement App – is a decentralized platform based on Ethereum blockchain. It is a unique ecosystem, where everyone would be able to get a reward for beating distance and exercising. User will get RUN coins for walking, running, jogging outside or using a treadmill. Coins could be spent in the in-app store or exchanged into ERC20 MOVE Tokens. The main feature of MOVE Tokens in Movement Economic System is to form an efficiency multiplier and serve as a bonus coefficient applied to the amount of RUN coins rewarded by the Movement App API.


That is the main investment case for MOVE Tokens. As more users start using the app the demand for MOVE Tokens will grow. It is the first mobile app of its kind that implements blockchain technology into the development of Fitness apps that not only collects the workout data, but also rewards users for it. Large numbers of people around the world are passionate about running, jogging and sports walking or use walking as main mode of transportation.

There is no service or platform with real-life economic system, at present time, which offers users to get real-life valuable tokens for their activities. The development of blockchain technology and smart-contracts allows our engineers to implement such functionality into the Movement App.

Early Contributors Price:

Stage 1 (100% Bonus): 1ETH = 1200 MOVE (240,000 MOVE)

Stage 2 (80% Bonus): 1ETH = 1080 MOVE (360,000 MOVE)

Stage 3 (60% Bonus): 1ETH = 960 MOVE (960,000 MOVE)

Stage 4 (40% Bonus): 1ETH = 840 MOVE (1,512,000 MOVE)

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