Naregh is so-called coupons for the purchase of real estate. Each purchased token is equal to 100 US dollars. They can be easily exchanged when buying real estate.


NAREIG (North America Real Estate Investment Group Inc.) is the first real estate firm to offer real estate coupon token on the Ethereum blockchain. The token is named HCT (House Coupon Token). Established in Seattle, Washington in 2012, NAREIG is an international real estate firm which helps hundreds of overseas buyers to invest in USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Thailand. With solid experiences in both residential as well as commercial real estate transactions, NAREIG is planning to tokenize real estate coupon to benefit both international and local buyers.

The NAREIG tokens are “coupons to purchase real estate properties”. Each token purchased with $1 cash value can be redeemed as $100 token value which is equal to USD$100 cash value when the client purchases properties with NAREIG. (Limitations and restrictions apply). Since the company’s business has expanded to 12 countries (NAREIG has real estate brokerage licenses in the state of Washington, California and New York. For other states and countries, NAREIG partners with local real estate firms), this enables the token buyers to redeem the token value in these markets immediately.

By connecting the HCT with the fixed redemption value, NAREIG provides an anchor cryptocurrency which has stable value and provides liquidity for real estate coupon through tokenization. NAREIG’s tokenization approach to real estate coupon sets an anchor value to the token, while many other tokens in the market proved to be unreliable and prone to volatility. The purpose of HCT is to provide a stable incentive that benefits real estate investors.

NAREIG is a US company with offices in Seattle, San Francisco bay area and Manhattan. Although NAREIG has its strategic partnership company in China, this token offer is solely released through NAREIG US Company (North America Real Estate Investment Group). HCT is NOT any type of security, instead, it is a tokenized coupon. The coupon has no expiration date.

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