Nuvus Blockchain is a global future exchange platform for large data ecosystems with supply chain and supply chain verification, using distribution accounting technologies through public blocking and a private block-block for medical and recreational cannabis.


Nuvus Blockchain is building global exchange platform for big data and supply chain verification ecosystem using distributive ledger technologies through public blockchain and private permissioned blockchain for the Medical and Recreational Cannabis.

Currently, supply chain data is non-transparent and is controlled by centralized organizations and authorities, subject to industry manipulation and slowing the adoption of life saving treatments and research.

Nuvus Blockchain technology, if globally adopted, will add billions of data points to the supply chain, benefiting medicinal research and proper diagnosis in patients. By bringing decentralized, immutable blockchain technologies with billions of live, verified data points to the cannabis industry, we expect to add significant value and transparency to the Industries supply chain.

Parent company of Nuvus Blockchain is Nuvus Corp. Team has a combined 25 years experience in the cannabis industry building out the most sophisticated and award winning products in the industry. They are responsible in developing industry’s first cannabis personal test kits, Controlled Environment Agriculture automation technology for the purest cannabis plants, industry’s first and only use of big data analytics and AI for small and large grow facilities.

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