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Safe Haven

The goal of the Safe Haven project is to protect your assets with full access over them. The platform also guarantees the safe and secure storage of assets, giving access only to family members and authorized owners of the owner.

About Safe Haven:

What Is Safe Haven About?

Protect your digital assets while reassuring your relatives! In order to protect your digital assets, we at Safe Haven give you the opportunity to do so without locking yourself out. Seeds / private-keys / passphrases can be shared amongst stakeholders or children in a transparent and secure way. Our Protocol distributes the shares in such a way that the initiator keeps, at all cost, the control over his assets.

Project Goals
Safe Haven is going to revolutionize this market as it solves a real problem in the community. We are desperately in need of a solution that guarantees the safe and secure passage of those keys / seeds to our relatives the day that we are not around anymore also, we allow the user to have complete access while he/she is still around. Please read our white paper or view our wiki page to know all about it.

Token architecture
2018 – Fuel
SHA Token is used as fuel for creating/executing each of the following smart contracts on the blockchain.

Fail Safe Share(s) Contracts
Validators Share(s) Contracts
Backup Validator Share(s) Contracts

2018 – 2019 Locking
In order to use Safe Haven’s Services and platform, the initiator will need to deposit SHA tokens in a time-locked smart contract (I-TLSC). The SHA tokens will be released over-time relative to the conditions written in the smart contracts after validation within our Trust Alliance Network (TAN)

2019 – … Staking
– Safe Haven is currently working on a staking solution inside our eco-system.

– Users that have locked-up tokens will be rewarded for holding the SHA DA’s.

– Details will follow in the upcoming months.

Value Proposition
The main difference between Safe Haven and competitors is that we use legal entities like lawyers in our protocol. We combine the security from the blockchain with the trust from a lawyer.

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