TEU – 300 Cubits


TEU – 300 Cubits

The TEU Tokens is a project that helps maintain and develop sea cargo. In order to minimize costs as much as possible, but not to lose a part of sales and effectively meet the needs of the buyer, sellers go to much and part of their income – deliveries from abroad. To eliminate the inefficiency of the supply chain and minimize costs, the project offers a number of unique solutions.

About TEU – 300 Cubits:

What is TEU?
The TEU token aims to bring Bitcoin for the shipping industry
Why TEU Tokens? List of benefits for key stakeholders
Our tokens help to sustain the global supply chain for ocean borne cargo.

For Consumers
The majority of products in your malls and stores get there by container ship. But supply chain inefficiencies add to the prices you get charged. TEU Tokens help eliminate these inefficiencies. Learn more

For Retailers
Retailers seek to maximize sales with the lowest inventories. This requires a highly functioning supply chain. Learn more

For Container Liners
Container liners need their ships to sail fully loaded for maximum profitability. Gaps in the supply chain force ships to sail with un-filled capacity. Learn more

This is a blockchain project solving US$23B ghost bookings pain point in the US$150B container shipper industry by creating a digital booking deposit, TEU ERC20 utility token, and ecosystem in Ethereum. Bonus: Early Bird: 50%; Volume: Up to 100%; Referral: 20%

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