Bitcoin Events

The philosophy of the project is simple: to manage everything that we do, from supporting the growth and development of people who work with us to actively contribute to solving economic problems in the world around us.
Deedcoin ICO
The main goal of the project is to work with real estate agents. Thanks to blockchain technology, the real estate industry can be decentralized and orderly. Deedcoin returns up to $ 750 billion to house owners, signing a real estate commission and directly linking clients and agents.
LeadRex is a universal platform for creating effective online advertising campaigns and implementing a digital marketing strategy in an extremely short time, providing high-quality leadership through artificial intelligence.
This is a unique project, the price of which is to supply market news. Platform TneIndex.Fund - the world's first set of tools for password encryption - the most convenient and easy way to enter the digital currency market. BAMP is the platform for launching your own crypt funds in just one click. And Zichange is a licensed cryptophyte broker. Crypto-fiat exchange has never been so simple, safe and legal.
The main goal of the project is to ensure a rapid turnover of money. With the help of the platform you can quickly sell, easily choose a payment method and easily use elekstronnyh money.
The platform will allow you to easily and quickly perform peer-to-peer transactions between content creators and clients. The platform has 4 main components: CuboBuddy, a robotic educational toy; KuboApp is a mobile application that connects the source of educational content with the block chain and the educational toy of Kubo Vuddi; Cubomania blockchain market and workshop are key elements of the ecosystem; The CuboCore Robot operating system is a robotic operating system with built-in educational programs that can be installed on any device.
Triwer Public Token Sale
The platform is designed to meet the needs of modern e-commerce enterprises and their consumers who expect personalized, easy, fast, cheap and safe delivery of their online purchases. Triwer also considers inefficiencies and bottlenecks in the courier express market, allowing logistics companies and courier services to make better use of spare capacity.
The project is designed to provide a holistic solution to the problems that are presently in the payment industry. Due to its unique functions, it can rightfully claim the primacy among its competitors, which in this area is many.
Trigmine is a project that will allow entrepreneurs to run their business instead of campaigns by e-mail. This is possible due to a combination of artificial intelligence, smart contracts and best marketing practices. Also, thanks to the service, it will be possible to determine the unique needs of customers and save big money, having greater efficiency.
A project that will facilitate the exchange of cross-chains and provide traders with an incredibly wide range of currency trading pairs. Infinity DEX will increase security for all traders will be a platform for the exchange of values for enterprises, small businesses, governments, NGOs and individuals.