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Doctor Smart
It is an ecosystem that allows people to manage their health care wherever they are in the world, 24/7. Technology, based on blockchain technology, helps to make communication between all participants transparent and incredibly simple.
The main goal of the project is the support of AI, supporting the medical ecosystem, which changes the way of communication, communication and treatment of patients, doctors and hospitals. With the help of the platform, users can store, protect and provide their medical information only to those people with whom they want to share it using the Aimedis management system.
NWP Solution
The NWP solution, an Estonian company creating an intelligent health ecosystem, will conduct the Initial Coin Offer (ICO) for a revolutionary healthcare project. In total, the company intends to raise $ 20 million during the sale of tokens. The NWP solution is a platform that integrates intelligent devices and databases into a single network that provides access to existing healthcare and quality of life services. The platform is built on advanced technologies in the field of artificial intelligence, data protection and locking.
Health FX
The platform is an innovation in the field of professional health. The ability of the consumer to manage access to their private medical data, and also receive incentives for the exchange of high-quality feedback on the services received: the main task of the project.
Aimedis is a program that intends to change the way people communicate, communicate and process patients, doctors and hospitals. In addition to a simple set of ways to communicate and transfer data, the platform offers video chat and communication with other patients and doctors, online recipes, online meetings, training materials, the inclusion of fitness-monitoring devices and devices such as ECG or blood circulation monitors and so on.
Nuvus Blockchain is a global future exchange platform for large data ecosystems with supply chain and supply chain verification, using distribution accounting technologies through public blocking and a private block-block for medical and recreational cannabis.
The project was created in order to create a direct connection with the leading doctors in the world. The goal of the project is to provide patients with a choice and direct communication with the world's leading doctors in accordance with their specific needs with the corresponding specialty of physicians and allows for interactive consultations on a virtual platform in the interests of time and travel.
The task of the platform is to democratize the application of computer intelligence technologies in the field of trade in cryptographic assets. That is why the Signals trading platform will provide participants in the crypto-active markets with a whole arsenal of trading algorithms, from algorithms using traditional technical analysis to methods of using machine learning technologies. All of them will be understandable and accessible even for those who do not have any experience and skills in programming.
WELL makes the healthcare system global and blurs the boundaries to directly link doctors, therapists, psychologists and other health professionals with patients around the world.
Lympo is a sports and recreational ecosystem that will unite both interested and prepared users, as well as lovers.
The platform, which aims to connect patients and doctors around the world in the first decentralized healthcare network. This can be the beginning of more efficient and effective medical care. The first release of the software "Hippocrates" is a convenient application, released in December 2017 on the MedCredits platform, which connects patients with skin diseases with dermatologists for a quick diagnosis.
Medicalchain uses blockchain technology to create an electronic health record. The platform will allow medical workers to save data in a single book, as much as possible to secure them. In turn, for users it is a dynamic platform of all records and the ability to connect additional applications and services.
Movement App
Movement App is a unique application that allows you to get a reward for each tier or distance. The user receives RUN coins for walking, running, jogging in the street or using a treadmill. You can spend the rewards in the store or exchange money for another.
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