How to launch ICO

  • Step 1. Come up with an idea.
    This is the most important stage to start your success project. You should understand that the main aspect of your project will be tokens. You need to control the process of spending and distribution of tokens, otherwise you will not get an investment.
  • Step 2. You need a team.
    Your team should be: Content Specialist – will create content; PR-specialist – will communicate with people, the public opinion on your company depends on it; SMM-specialist – his task is to conduct social networks; Community manager – will be engaged in the spin-up of your company in social networks; designers, and of course programmers. It is desirable that your employees know other languages, without it nothing will come of it.
  • Step 3. The analysis of competitors.
    Analyze successful companies, and their successful projects. You should learn about their past mistakes and try not to commit them. Each company is unique, and I think you will have something to take from each of them.
  • Step 4. Register the company.
    It is undesirable to create a company on the territory of the CIS, the best place for your company will be Europe. I advise you not to involve Russian legal entities.
  • Step 5. Describe the product based on the idea.
    Whitepaper – The main document of your project. The quality of this document depends on your team. You need to seriously approach this document, carefully think through and calculate everything.
  • Step 6. Start the site and email.
    Now one-page websites are popular, which shows basic information about your company, such sites have many advantages in comparison with multi-page sites. For a large project, you will need a good hosting, so think about its choice.
  • Step 7. Conditions of investors.
    Now you need to understand whether you will have pre-sale and pre-ICO. If possible, it is better to use these two technologies – this will allow your visitors to find bugs and shortcomings, and also work out in social channels. Using pre-sale and pre-ICO, you can issue tokens upon completion of the main round of investments.
  • Step 8. Creating social channels.
    It is very important to maintain the communication skills of your channel in all languages. If you do not have a lot of resources, but use 2-3 channels. Social media will be useful after the ICO.
  • Step 9. Create and publish a bounty-campaign
    Bounty – promotion of visitors for PR-activity: comments on forums, translation of documentation into various languages, publications in social networks and so on.
  • Step 10. Place the project in ICO trackers
    Trackers analyze your project, if it meets their requirements, then it will be published in their list. In some areas, this procedure is paid and its cost ranges from $ 1000 to $ 3000.
  • Step 11. Place the materials in thematic media. Here your PR specialist comes into operation, his duties will include: compiling a list of sites, preparing materials , contact with site editors.
  • Step 12. Launch the advertisement
    You need to apply all possible sources of traffic in which you have experience. You should try to sell as many tokens as possible in the first hours.
  • Step 13.Create an investor’s personal cabinet
    To create a personal cabinet I strongly recommend that you contact a specialist.
  • Step 14. Make translations.
    Your employees or special companies can take the transfer.
  • Step 15. Release tokens
    I suggest you three options: release on Ethereum platform, on Waves platform or own tokens.
  • Step 16. Start ICO
    That’s the end of the final stage, I can say that do not skimp on security. Hire professionals to further protect your project, at any time you can hack and change wallets for transfer.
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