ICO’s in 2017 year

The first ICO in history was the placement of tokens for the Mastercoin project in 2013, which raised $ 5 million. By July 2017, according to the data of the portal coinmarketcap.com. over 800 crypto-currencies are in circulation. To this number you need to add those that are already placed, but have not yet reached the exchange sites. The market capitalization of the Crypto-currency is at the beginning of July 2017 more than $ 90 billion, with a significant dominance of bitcoin (over $ 40 billion) and airtime (over $ 25 billion).
On July 1, 2017, Block.one announced that it raised $ 185 million in the first five days of placing its EOS tokens. This is currently a new record after attracting in June $ 150 million fund Bprotocol when placing the tokens Bancor.

ICO as an instrument for attracting investment is actively being developed not only by IT companies, but also by the “real sector”: in April 2017, the ICO of the Kolonovo farm was implemented, during which 401 b / c were obtained, which is equivalent to more than 500 thousand dollars. on one crypto platform – Waves – the ZrCoin tokens produced by one of the Russian zirconia producers are in circulation. In July 2017, the first TokenStars platform was launched, which allows to invest in the success of celebrities: athletes, actors, musicians, etc.
In early September, 2017, China’s financial regulators blocked the use of any ICO on the territory of the country, as they are forced to return all proceeds to investors, otherwise the person will be treated as an offender and will be punished. The consequences after such regulation led to a lot of sales and a decline in the exchange rate of many currencies. But a week later on the television, officials explained that this ban will be in effect until the methods for regulating crypto-currency are developed.

According to the research of the companies specialized in crypto-currencies, the volume of the market of crypto-currency has passed the mark of 1 000 000 000 $. In 2017, companies that have just started their business conducted through the crypto currency already more than $ 1,000,000,000, I want to say that in 2016 this figure was at around $ 100,000,000.

Interest in the initial deposits of coins to a greater extent helped a significant increase in the price of the crypto currency of bitcoin as well as the ether, these currencies were the main base on which purchases of lock tokens of start-up companies making ICO took place. Due to this, bitcoin went up by 160% for 6 months, and the airtime grew by as much as 3 350%.

In July this year, the world learned about the two largest crowdsale. At the moment, the company Tezos appeared after the initial project Dynamic Ledger Solutions Inc as well as EOS from the project block.one together could overcome the mark of fees of $ 300,000,000.

Dealogic from Britain has analyzed how many two new projects have been assembled, and their results have converged with those that are attracted through standard IPOs. For example, last year, US joint-stock companies invested $ 219,000,000.

The last known project. which announced the holding of the ICO, was the Californian blockbuster start-up Tierion. The stated goal of the campaign is $ 25 million.

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