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ICOTOP – web service where is a list of top ICO projects. You can choose how you would like to see this top, in the form of a list or information cards which you can sort by status (active, upcoming, past).

There are also sorting criteria, such as the ICO rating in the general top, the ICO start date, the country in which the ICO is being developed and, of course, the ending of the ICO. If you are interested in a project from the list, then you can easily subscribe to it and you will receive email notifications with news about this project. Finally, you can subscribe to a notification that will send you an ICO top post in the last 24 hours.

You can choose, by what filter options will be sorted ICO list.

  • Most of ICO projects has average rating score. This rating score consist of six criteria: The idea and size of the market;
  • Team;
  • The quality of their website, marketing and so on;
  • Level of development (MVP, business process workflow);
  • Competition (10 – no competitor, 0 – more than 5 competitors from global companies);
  • Investment security (Escrow, whitepaper, chances of implementation).
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