Initial coin offering list in 2017 year – what crypto currency will be most profitable to invest

In this article we will tell you about the coins that are most profitable to mine in 2017. And in what crypto currency will be most profitable to invest. Our list will be based on currencies that showed good growth in price and reliability.
At the time of writing this article, more than 2500 different crypto-currencies have been issued in the world, but most projects have failed because they failed to attract enough attention of investors.

  • I think it’s no surprise to anyone that the first place in the list is occupied by the well-known bitcoin, its launch was real in 2009 and during this time it has been gaining popularity every year, becoming more expensive every day.
  • The second place in the top belongs to the crypto currency Ethereum, a relatively young currency was developed in 2015 by the Canadian programmer Vitaliy Buterin, it became unique due to the latest technology of smart contracts. Page 3. Ripple, very few people have heard of this currency, which is a system for manipulating cash. The popularity of the currency provided the largest companies that began to use it in the possibility.
  • Litecoin, I would call this currency the twin of bitcoin that appeared in 2011. News that the currency can partially replace bitcoin has attracted a lot of attention to the currency.
  • Ethereum Classic is a block-based platform for developing applications that do not have a main control center, as well as using smart contract technology. .
  • NEM crypto currency originally from Japan, the main currency users are Japanese, but they try to attract the attention of other countries to their creation.
  • Dash – The crypto currency that appeared in early 2014 had a different name, but in 2015 it acquired the name that is used to this day. The currency is aimed at anonymity, and this attracted the attention of many people. This system has an anonymity level higher than that of bitcoin, because it has more than two encryption algorithms built in.
  • IOTA – a crypto currency that is unlike any other crypto currency, the use of a unique plexus technology. It appeared in 2014, it was not used for 3 years, and only in 2017 one of the exchanges began to support this currency. The developers plan to issue 2 700 000 000 000 000 000 coins, the reason for this range is the lack of miners and the ability to make payments without commission.
  • Monero – the crypto currency surprised everyone by the fact that it surprised everyone in the tops of the crypto currency in a short time. Open currency code gave a group of hackers in 2014 to attack the network, but they failed to destroy the crypto currency. Today, the currency is used by various online services and games.
  • Stratis – The currency, which appeared only recently in 2016, is a powerful and flexible platform. Developed on the basis of the block system, it can be put on the first place among the crypto-currencies. The fact is that it makes it possible to store electronic money at times safer than it is now.
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