Top ICO projects in 2017

  • 10. MONETHA
    The project was developed quite recently, but it attracted the attention of many people. The purpose of this currency was to provide commercials, which used the blockade of the air. According to some information, it is known that people believe in the success of this project and its future development.
    By integrating the technology of a smart contract into masses it will not be easy by any stretch of the imagination. Eternity is committed to doing what the smart interface contracts with real data. Whether society will be successful, this is yet to be seen. However, with us $ 36.96 million raised during the IHO, there are many reasons for optimism about this concept.
  • 8. SONM
    It is a global super computer, for complex calculations. Of course, there are many such projects, but SONM is one of the most promising in this direction, and it also has the highest potential for future development.
    Very interesting project, some consider it the most interesting project for 2017. Named in honor of smartphones, the currency is not for nothing, it is the largest enterprise uniting the crypto currency and mobile applications. The currency exchange rate is constantly growing, it is gaining popularity among investors and in the near future it is worth expecting from it excellent results.
  • 6. TENX
    The project was developed in 2017 and was aimed at working with debit cards, people show great interest in this company, one of the reasons for this is the lack of competition in this direction. Although the project and enjoys interest, but experts do not guarantee the success of this project.
  • 5. STATUS
    This project can easily be called a double of telegrams, a feature of it is that it works on ether technologies. Its messages are encrypted and processed by multiple servers. To work with this application, you do not need to register, because the application will do everything for you personally by giving you your unique key. The Messenger gives you access to the browser and currency exchange, as well as many other interesting things.
  • 4. BANCOR
    The main reason for the popularity of this project was the participation in his creation of Tim Draper. The peculiarity of this project is that it can convert one kind of token to another. This project belongs to those few ico, which are bought up very quickly. In 2017, there was a case when the company earned $ 140,000,000 within 3 hours.
  • 3. EOS (STAGE 1)
    The project works on smart contracts, but its feature is that they can work in parallel. Due to this, the currency’s performance exceeds 100,000 transactions / sec. At the moment there is no project whose speed could exceed this value.
  • 2. TEZOS
    Since 2014, programmers have been working on this platform, some believe that this will be the main competitor of the broadcast. The peculiarity of the platform is that the network can be subjected to changes using it.
    Was developed in 2014 by the Canadian company, the project aimed to develop the best data storage solution, based on which protocol. Not the usual idea of the company is that people will download software that will store information on hard disks of users.
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