What you need to know about crypto currency?

Recently, people are increasingly hearing about the crypto currency, but do not know what it is. Crypto currency is virtual money, the unit of measurement of a crypto currency is a coin. These coins are almost impossible to forge, coins are encrypted. The difference between the crypto currency and our everyday money is that if we want to transfer our money to electronic money, then we need to go to an ATM or a bank. Crypto currency can appear only on the network and it has no connection with the usual currency and does not obey the laws of banks. Everyone can get a crypto currency, for this you need a computer with which you will receive these coins. The computing power of your computer and will decide how fast you will receive crypto currency, the more power the more coins you get. Crypto-currency is stored on special purses, each has its own crypto currency.
I think each of you is interested, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of crypto-currencies, we start with the positive aspects:

Crypto-currencies have open source, which means that everyone who has a computer can get coins. Anonymity. No one will know your personal information, the wallet has its own unique identifier.

– It does not have a management body, all transfers and payments will leave you anonymous.
– It can not be inflation.
– All your money will be safe.

On this the main pluses are over, now let’s talk about the disadvantages:
– The lack of a control does not guarantee the safety of your wallet.
– Possible negative actions from the central bank, and other financial regulators.
– If you lose your password from your wallet, you will not be able to recover it.

These shortcomings are also the most famous crypto currency bitcoin. In 2009, the bitcoin algorithm appeared, it was the first in its kind and unique. At first, bitcoin was almost unknown and was sold at a low price. The cost of his coin was 0.1 $ and almost did not increase until 2010. But in 2010, for bitcoin, there were many successful events that spun him. The main success could be called a stock exchange that gave users to exchange bitcoin for real money, although the exchange rate was insignificant. Bitcoin was also noticed by underground online shops, for its ability to anonymously make transactions. A lot of successful events and gave this push to bitcoin thanks to which interest in the crypto currency increased many times. Already by 2013 the cost of bitcoin increased to $ 1100.

Bitcoin is the most popular crypto currency, and it’s not surprising, because it all started with him. Now the cost of bitcoin capitalization exceeded $ 3.2 billion. To date, bitcoin can be paid not only on clandestine portals, but also to make purchases in shopping centers, and also to exchange in cash machines for real money.
In 2017, the crypto-currencies began to be treated as a project that will transfer the economy to a new level, developed countries begin to issue crypto-currencies in honor of their country for use as national currency. This suggests that now crypto-currencies will become a part of our life.

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