Why to invest in crypto-currencies?

To date, many people invest in crypto-currencies, this is one of the most popular investment directions for start-up companies. You can invest from exchanges that give the opportunity to trade crypto currency. Due to the simplicity of the creation of the crypto currency, their number totals about 800 varieties, and their total value exceeds 100 000 000 000 $. But 42% of the total value belongs to the most popular crypto currency, bitcoin.

Since many crypto-currencies become more expensive with time, there are people who use it. They buy crypto-currencies at one price and they sell already when the value of the crypto currency is appreciated. In this article I will tell you about another, more interesting method.
ICO – attraction of investments by crypto currency into the new project. Basically, they invest in two currencies, bitcoin and ethereum. In each project comes the moment when the investment is coming to an end, and then the organizers begin to redistribute part of the crypto currency between the project participants.
In 2013, the first Mastercoin project was launched using crypto-currency, this project collected 5000 bitcoins. A couple of months later, a second NXT project was launched which raised $ 100,000,000. After these two projects, people began to create their ICO with the hopes that people would invest in them. The most successful project is Ethereum, this project managed to collect as much as 18,000,000, and now its price exceeded $ 34,000,000,000.
The main plus of investing in ICO is that you do not need to be a professional in investing and do not need to have a large budget. If you look well, sooner or later you will find a good project for investment and make a profit. With a good project in ICO, you will make a profit in the coming months. You should clearly understand that you do not need to hurry, because the choice of the project will depend on your income.

What do you need to pay attention to?

  • What is the aim of the project? I recommend that you pay attention to this, do not invest in a project whose goal is to release a new type of coin, especially if it is a branch of an already existing coin. If the purpose of this project is something new, but it is worth trying to invest in it.
  • Here you need to find out what goals the developers of the project put. Naturally, if you see that the developer has set a goal that he can not fulfill, then do not try to invest in this project. The chance that he will be a failure is very high.
  • What are the prospects for the project? It is important to know as quickly as possible how developers are going to develop their project. Each successful project had a well thought out business plan. Pay attention to every little thing, because every little thing is important. We draw your attention to the fact that ICO is not monetization, it is a primary investment of funds. The invested funds will be used to create a product that will bring profit and ensure the growth of the price of a coin.
  • Try to get acquainted with the team.
  • Now open source projects are used, Give preference to open source projects.
  • It is desirable to use already launched projects, the work of which you can see.
  • Find out who the project cooperates with.


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